A practice romhack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (JP 1.0)


Download one of the following ROM files (pick the right one for your system!):

For emulators, Everdrive, SNES classic, UFO etc: For SD2SNES only:
Emulators, Everdrive,
SNES classic, UFO etc.
SD2SNES only
Modified HUD lttphack_9.sfc lttphack_9_SD2SNES.sfc
Vanilla HUD lttphack_9_VanillaHUD.sfc lttphack_9_SD2SNES_VanillaHUD.sfc

SD2SNES is the only SNES system that supports 256kb SRAM. This makes it possible to have in-game save states, so that feature is only turned on for the SD2SNES variants. These will not work on emulators, Everdrive etc.

VanillaHUD variants uses the HUD from the original game. Counters are turned off by default, but can be turned on if you wish. They will be drawn over some of the hearts, though.



  • Room counter: white=seconds, yellow=frames.
  • Idle counter: white=seconds, yellow=frames.
  • Lag counter: white=frames
  • Segment counter: white=minutes, yellow=seconds, gray=frames.
  • Using the third filename slot will grant you full equipment when starting a new game.
  • Counters shows intermediate values sometimes, like when opening a chest or when text appears.
  • Lag is not the same as on original cart.
  • If something weird happens, just reset your console, start a new game and use a preset to get back to where you were.
  • Check out ALttP Room Time Leaderboards for optimal room times.


Press R+Start to open up the LTTPHack menu. You can change this controller shortcut if you want (see Shortcuts below).

Use A to select a menu item, and B to go back. Start exits the menu.

You can use < and > to go through menu item choices.


Choose from an assortment of presets that teleports you to a location with the right items/equipment (for NMG).


For the most part self-explanatory.

Game state

Skip text skips through dialogue/text boxes. Works on crystal cutscenes too.
Remove sprites removes any sprites that's loaded in the current screen.
Reset current room resets the room flags of your current room. Chest state, door state (locked or not), boss defeated etc.
Toggle bosses defeated opens a submenu with each boss, where you can toggle whether they are defeated or not.
Pendants and crystals opens a submenu with each dungeon, where you can toggle whether they've been catched yet or not.
Game flags opens a submenu where you can toggle event-flags in the game. Generally not useful.
Progress is similar to Game flags, but much more useful, especially for glitched categories.
Map indicator decides what is shown on your overworld map (not really useful).
Armed EG decides whether you will change layer on damage/bonk or not.
Strong EG see the wiki.

RNG control

Pokeys initial direction they will move in. For rooms with only one pokey, only the leftmost direction is used.
Agahnim always blue ball, yellow ball or random.
Helmasaur always/never shoot fireball or random.
Ganon warps always/never warp or random.
Ganon warp to decides which of the four warping destinations he will warp to in all phases.


Set a shortcut by pressing A, then hold the new inputs in for 60 frames.
Clear a shortcut by pressing X.

LTTPHack menu opens/closes the menu. You can't clear this shortcut.
Load last preset loads the last preset you loaded. Useful if you don't have manual save states like on Everdrive.
Save state and Load state only for SD2SNES versions of the hack. Makes/loads an emulator-like save state.
Reset seg timer if you want to reset the segment timer (see Features below) to 0.
Toggle OoB press once to walk through walls, press again to toggle it off.
Skip text skips through text dialogue/text boxes, including maiden/Zelda texts.
Remove sprites removes all sprites from the screen.


Counters toggles which counters you want to show on the top right corner of the HUD.
Lagometer shows how close you are to a lag frame. You only lose time if it's full/red.
Input Display toggles input display in the HUD.
Music toggles whether music and ambient sound effects is muted. Toggeling it off will affect lag in the maiden cutscenes.
Coordinates toggles Link's coordinates in the HUD.
QW Indicator shows "QW" in the top-left corner when the camera is on a pixel that would give you a quick warp.
Lit Rooms removes darkness from all rooms.
OoB Mode toggles whether Link can walk through walls or not.
Lanmola Cycs makes the game count how many cycles you kill Lanmolas in, so you don't have to.


v9 - 08.02.2018

  • Presets
    • Added "Bosses" menu at the bottom.
    • Added "Ganon (full magic)" preset.
    • Fixed crystal state for Pokey 1.
    • Misspellings.
  • Item/Equipment
    • Better control over each bottle and its contents.
    • Set which big keys you have.
  • Game state
    • Skip text
    • Remove sprites
    • Boss defeated
    • Pendants and crystals
    • Game flags, Progress, Map indicator
    • Toggle armed/strong EG
  • RNG control
  • Configurable controller shortcuts
  • Features
    • Music
    • Idle frames
    • Lagometer
    • Made it possible to toggle on/off any of the counters.
    • Disabled the "Show enemy HP" by default.
  • Persist some things through console power-off/on, resets or load state.
  • Comes in VanillaHUD and NoSaveState versions.
  • Fixed bug that set game phase to "Agahnim killed" when upgrading sword manually
  • Fixed bug that didn't update frame counters on mirror or underworld warps.
  • Set the SNES header ROM size to 2mb. This fixes an issue where the ROM would not load properly on some platforms (everdrive).
  • Show version in lttphack menu.
  • Instant lttphack menu (no waiting for menu to go up/down).
  • Improved transition detection (triggers on mirror/warp, reset counters when you start a new file)

v8 - 24.10.2016

  • Complete rewrite.
  • Presets.
  • I don't even remember anymore. This is the same version that's been around for a while, I just arbitrarily decided to remove "beta2" from the version.

v7 - 15.12.2015

  • Made save/load state code more robust. Screen should not get messed up anymore by loading during mirror warp.
    Big thanks to total for this fix.
  • Added a toggle for "always lit rooms".

v6 - 09.12.2015

  • Fixed a bug that made the game crash when resetting segment counter.

v5 - 08.12.2015

  • Made Link get full equipment when using 3rd filename slot before starting a game.
  • Added controller inputs for:
    • Upgrading sword, armor and shield.
    • Filling HP, magic, rupees and stuff.
    • Pause game and frame advance.
    • Displaying Link's coordinates.

v4 - 05.12.2015

  • Fixed a bug where saving or loading would add a frame to your attempts in a room.
  • Added a "Full HP indicator".

v3 - 02.12.2015

  • Removed a bunch of lag. Should be less laggy than original ROM now.
  • Added "Quick Warp Indicator".
  • Better enemy detection.
  • Removed per-room Game Time counter.
  • Better B. Thanks, Audity.

v2 - 30.11.2015

  • Fixed issue where parts of segment timer was erased.
  • Fixed issue where counters didn't run during maiden crystal sequence.
  • Added better transition detection for boss victory -> overworld.

v1 - 29.11.2015

Initial release.


Thanks to: